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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

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Yes. That total flatline approach.

People often complain that TV ads are louder than the programs, yet volume limits mean ads are not allowed to be louder than the program's peak volume. While a movie may hit the peaks 5% of the time the ads will be at the peak almost all the time, so it seems louder. It appears that the commercial domain operates on a similar principle as ads.

Eddie, could you define "warbly" in this context? "I'm not sure of the quality of the clip but it seems to sound pretty warbly to me" ... uneven??

Disclaimer: this post is for all readers except Itemma74 :-P
There was a campaign in America to change the law so that adverts could be no louder than the average loudness of the program. No idea if it went through or not.
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