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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

Originally Posted by Pkaneps View Post
If he were honestly trying to sell millions of albums, he would have done it in the studio he owns. I would guess the reasoning for doing it in his garage with tape was because it
You don't think he wants to shift units? Betcha he does. I'm sure it's fun and he has a ball doing what he loves, but make no mistake, he wants to flog his wares too.....and if he doesn't then his record company certainly does.

No doubt he was aiming for a different sound. Bands have used different studios/engineers/recording techniques/producers for this very purpose long before this current venture.

I'll tell you the one thing this thread has I'm gonna have to buy this album. Not a huge FF fan, but this debate has sparked my interest in the album.

Now who said there was such a thing as bad publicity? Clearly I am a sales and marketing exec's wet dream!!
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