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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
^ This.

The few torrents I've ever heard from anyone had sound quality issues, but upon buying the CD, were no longer issues.
Well i'd like to think so but i think with it being 320 kb/s sound quality it would have sounded much better than it does. Having said that, whenever i get some money i may just get the CD to see if it sounds that much better. Hopefully i will be proved wrong, but i'm not holding out much hope.

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
I get your point and I respect your opinion.
1) What's "best-sounding" is 100% subjective. "Most innovatively produced/each one different from the last" does not equal "great/the best/the way things should be". And "most whatever" is an exaggeration. There are many innovative bands.
I think it's quite funny the way you accuse me of not knowing what i'm talking about. You're obviously not an expert in this sort of thing, but you're still trying to convince people who have been doing this sort of thing for years (MFB is much more experienced in it than me though i'll admit) that we're somehow wrong.
The thing is that music is like art, and where it is perfectly acceptable to make your own art which is badly drawn and crap perspective with not very good shading or whatever for your own purposes that you think is great then that's fine if you're just looking at it yourself or with friends, but if you want to actually show the art at a gallery to the public then really it's got to be good. Or, if it's bad, it has to have been done by someone who is capable of really good artwork, but chose to do it badly for effect, knowing what "bad" aspects would work for the picture.
If DG had just been someone like you or me creating this stuff in his garage for the fun of it then obviously that's fine he can do that. But when you're trying to sell millions of records and probably more importantly than that actually telling the world how amazing you think this new album is from a production point of view, then actually if it has these mistakes in it (which are NOT subjective, as MFB said) then it's really not very good. If he'd been deliberately making it sound as bad as it does for effect then that would have been cool if the band had suited that sort of sound, but as far as i'm concerned i don't think they do. Going back to the artist thing, i don't think it was a bad production sound but done deliberately for effect. I think it just sounds bad full stop. Which i think is a shame.
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