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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

First up, I'll just say that Mike Portnoy was never a favourite drummer of mine, but I am not going to criticise him here because he has created a legacy of his own. His work with Dream Theater is a massive achievement, no question about it.

I really enjoyed the drum auditions videos - never seen anything quite like it! Marco impressed me a lot & I think he is like a hard-rock Peter Erskine in the sense he just projects joy at the instrument.

Virgil was interesting to me as well. He's an awesome player & I'm a big fan of him, especially after seeing him live with Steve Vai. His drum solo that night was one of the most incredible solos I have ever seen. I suspect he would take a little work to be able to play along with because his ideas are radical at the drums. Maybe that was a factor in him not getting the gig. BTW - got a kick out of seeing him have a Zildjian China up there!

Thomas Lang didn't quite impress as much as I expected, but that's quite possibly because of the clips that were selected. A bit mean-spirited to show the section where he struggled to pick up the charted track. He's a top top player, & I hope he finds the musical vehicle he's looking for.

I saw Mike Mangini live with Vai on the tour before Virgil I think, & his whole symmetrical drum set idea was pretty mind-blowing. He nailed it clearly, so congratulations to him!
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