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Default Re: *Good* YouTube comments

hi pol! well i thought i was funny once. i went and checked it and the dialogue was still there...the youtube sensation, dan britt was playing some hellified stuff on a video, but he was chewing a big wad of gum the whole time so i just popped off....

your teacher forgot to tell you you shouldn't chew gum while you're playing.
iwantmemoney 1 year ago

Why exactly? Now whats wrong with chewing gum other then it relaxes you.
jerkass411 1 year ago

hey jerkass i gotta tell ya, with a handle like jerkass, that's a bit of a red flag already, but since we are brothers in drumming, i'm gonna try to break it down for's kind of like why you take your hat off in church. why you respect old people. you're in the presence of something bigger than yourself. and you have the privilege of sharing it with others. it's a way of showing humility, respect. i guess it's not mandatory however. i'm not a hardass jerkass.
iwantmemoney 1 year ago
putting the funk in dysfunctional...
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