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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
Man, I've never gotten MAD at someone's post or opinion on this forum, until now.
Well i'm very proud to be giving you such an experience for the first time then :)

I don't know.. I don't wanna be rude, after all it's just your opinion, but seriously, I think either you downloaded a crappy file (I hope you did) or you simply don't have a clue what you're talking about. (It's not my opinion.. I mean.. first FF album to hit number one on USA, and number one on 12 countries at its release).
I hope i downloaded a crap file as well but after reading what i saw in the paper then i can't be too sure unfortunately. I could post a million answers that contradict the notion that album sales=how good the recording of the actual album itself sounds. The fact is that such a correlation really doesn't exist, at least at the level we're talking about. Don't get me wrong, i love the songs and everything, i think they're fantastic. That's pretty much the reason i still choose to listen to it despite the bad sound. I have done a tonne of recordings on my computer over the last 6 years so yeah i like to think i do know at least a little bit about what a good recording sounds like (at least to my ears) :)
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