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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

My point is you don't know how this torrent was created, if they played the album and recorded it through a microphone or if it was ripped. It could be more or less identical if you're not an audiophile, or it could be like listening to a live album of a concert you were at and saying it sounds completely different because you stood somewhere else. Analog recordings are notorious for a degradation in sound quality overall. I remember reading interviews with Pink Floyd discuss how awesome their synthesizers sound while their recording and how disappointed they were that it was more or less gutted on tape.
If you're looking for crispness in the audio you're idea of "better" audio isn't going to be there, that's one of the reasons digital is used so much now.

Despite this, some people actually prefer vinyl to CD. Zaireeka could be ripped and programmed to play at the same time on the same pieces of hardware but you'd be depriving the album of it's central concept.

My recommendation is to not fight the lack of polish and embrace the rough aspects to understand what they were going for. It's fitting that it's Grohl and the over-produced sound in Nirvana's Nevermind was absolutely hated by the group compared to their other albums with rougher mixing and a 'grungier' feel.
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