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Default Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

I got a copy of the big issue (the magazine that homeless people sell) and it had DG in it talking about how amazing his new album was. He was discussing about the fact that there was no computer processing, to the point that the producer had to physically splice bits of tape using the old razor blade and sticky tape method. Now i don't know about you but i've listened to the album and I just don't think it sounds any good at all. IMO it's waay overcompressed and just sounds extremely rough and distorted. Obviously i know there are people who practically worship analogue undigitised music and all that but as far as i'm concerned i can't really see what the big deal is about this album. Maybe it's just a bad torrent (320 kb/s though) or it's just a problem with the way this album was mixed or processed for effects but I just thought it sounded terrible. I really do think it would have sounded better if they'd just made it like any normal album is made these days.
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