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Default Re: Don't Hold Your Breath!

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
If I said right now.....Pol, go on and drink this WILL kill you, but I promise you eternity in paradise.

And you actually did it. Who's the bigger dill?

In short, his estate (assuming there is one) is not liable for anything. People have to learn to be accountable for their own actions, the Jim Jones' of the world included......pure and simple.
Nup, not comparable at all, you big duffer :-P

If you were the leader of the notorious Children of PFOG sect (known for making loud staccato noises and atrophying on web forums) and I was one of your many followers, then I'd say it's a fair comparison.

Now once you have a gig like that set up with a heap of followers then you have a responsibility. You can't pretend those connections don't exist and treat it like Person A dealing with Person B, no matter how bone-headed the connection is. There are known and inevitable consequences when you do tell some logic-blind sect member something that can lead them to harm.

As it is, all you are to me is a web pal who seems to either drink too much or wants to drink too much ... so if you told me to go drink poison I'd say, "Your shout" :)
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