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Default Re: Don't Hold Your Breath!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
To me, any so called "church" that has significant assets beyond historical real estate, is full of crap, & most of those that qualify under the KIS scrutiny, are still full of crap. Believe what you will, but any organisation that asks for money without direct accountability & without latency in transparently showing it's final destination, is full of crap.

... so mean ANY CHURCH? .. they all ask for money to sell you ancient fairy-tales

.. and on another note ... this guy is not dumb .. he's obviously a very manipulative and tricky a-hole who conned people into giving him LOADS of money ... doesn't make him a good person .. .. but he's GREAT at convincing paranoid jackasses who claim to be religious and never have done their own research.. super atheist dude ( me) even knows that " the book" says that not even the angels himself will know the hour of his coming ... and he'd be in a mental institution with the millions of skitzos across the world who think they are him
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