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Default Re: Don't Hold Your Breath!

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Still no guarantees there either.

1. It was written by man (or indeed many men) over several thousand years. In early days it was actually only 'written" by dedicated scribes....then not to mention re-interpreted across various languages. Effectively making it the longest game of 'Chinese whispers' ever played. After being put through the ringer that many times, where's my guarantee that it's actually a true representation of what god wants anyway?
Personally, I see nothing absolute that it is indeed the word of god as opposed to just another interpretation of men on "god's behalf".
Well, archeology speaks for itself. Of the oldest complete Bible ever found (Dated approximately 150 A.D. i believe, correct me if I'm wrong), we have found it's content to be over 95% of the same content as any current day Bible. And wherever there is a difference, it is written on the bottom of the page. I must say, they did a fine job of preserving it's contents.

And there would have been no reason for someone to really "taint" the Bible, as it still wouldn't give one a whole lot of personal benefit. Just my opinion.
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