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Default Re: Don't Hold Your Breath!

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
His congregation also have the responsibility of reading their Bible, and seeing that what he is preaching is wrong, and contrary to what the Bible teaches.
Still no guarantees there either.

1. It was written by man (or indeed many men) over several thousand years. In early days it was actually only 'written" by dedicated scribes....then not to mention re-interpreted across various languages. Effectively making it the longest game of 'Chinese whispers' ever played. After being put through the ringer that many times, where's my guarantee that it's actually a true representation of what god wants anyway?
Personally, I see nothing absolute that it is indeed the word of god as opposed to just another interpretation of men on "god's behalf".

2. It says a lot of things in it's own right that have either been reinterpreted (or indeed totally dismissed) by changing social values, are contradictory to itself or at the very least leave more questions than answers.....causing people to turn to yet another lunatic for clarification.

I'm not trying to tell anyone who or what god is. But there's not enough contained within 66 books for me to hang my hat on.....just far too many holes in that argument, I'm afraid.
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