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Default Re: Cobus Potgieter

Simply put, Cobus is amazing.

Not only do basically every single one of his covers top the original, but his style is damn near perfect. The way he physically looks as he plays is controleld yet relaxed, hes always smiling, and records almost everything on his own.
He completley dominates the world of youtube drummers for a good reason.

The kid has got something in him most of us don't. I've been trying to copy alot of what he does for the past year or two now, and while I have successfully figured out almost everythign that he does, its jsut not the same.

Edit-- its honeslty kind of ridiculous that cobus doesn't have his own page on the head Drummerworld home page or something. He's got way more talent and bigger fan base than a good chunk of the drummers listed.
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