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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
haha. another good hand/finger/wrist exercise that i use is this...

the gyro ball. mine is a neon one. they are amazing. i wont type much here about them. it is best if you check their website out. but it is used by all sorts og sportspeople )tennis and golf particularly).

i wonder if you've tried one of these out billy? anyone else?
i got one of those for christmas. pretty neat. for me i don't know if it's exercising my

fingers, but they do get sore after a while from trying to hold onto the thing, and it

definitely works your wrist, and for me, my lower forearm.

but i don't know if the soreness in my fingers is a result from them being exercised, or just

fatigue from holding on to it.
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