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Default Re: And the bullies back...

I wasn't really bullied in school, but I wasn't really one of the cool kids that fit in to the popular cliques either. I was an odd combination of jock and brainiac, so I didn't really fit into either group. So I'd say I was ignored by the "cool" kids in high school, but not really threatened much.

But to get to the other's points here - I went to my 10th year high school reunion, and suddenly all the "cool" kids wanted to be my best friend. I had a real good job and a beautiful wife, and it didn't take them very long to realize that the life they were living in high school wasn't real at all. Once they graduated, it all fell apart, and many of them never really recovered.

High school may seem like it lasts a long time, and problems at the time are real, but remember those years are fleeting in the grand scheme of life. I guarantee you will look back ten years from now and either laugh or shake your head at what you thought was critical at the time.
"Through many dangers, toils and snares..." - Amazing Grace, third verse
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