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Default Re: And the bullies back...

Originally Posted by JT1 View Post
Howay man Grundersdad have some decency, maybe this guy finds it hard talking to people he knows? Maybe someone here might understand him whereas other people don't?

Parents and school teachers do sod-all in a situation like this unless it is extreme circumstances.

It isn't like he posted this in the drum gear section or the general topics area. It's in the off topic area.

I am beyond decent. this is the second thread on this and it just doesn't belong. Strangers or no thats what councelors are for. Parents and teachers, of which I am/was both will do as much as you let them but you have to talk. We all had problems growing up. teachers and parents can tell when something is wrong, but most kids when asked will say, "nothing". That is not how to solve the problem sorry. We are getting one side of the story. Who knows who started what. Teachers can talk to both sides and get it resolved. Sorry. I am sticking to my guns on this.

From the forum rules:

Please do not start a new thread to discuss how much you don't like someone or something. If you have a chip on your shoulder or an ax to grind, this is not the place for you.
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