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Default Re: And the bullies back...

Yeah mate, I think we've all had problems with bullying sometime in our life, those who say they haven't are probably lying.

The thing is there is only one action you can take to combat this, you need to say 'I don't give a shit'. Just ignore him and your 'supposed' friends if you need to and get on with your life. Find new friends ones that are actually worthy of your time and that don't side with the dick-head because they're scared of him. True friends will stick up for you no matter what and don't side with the person who dominates by fear.

This guy causing trouble is obviously an idiot, it's all petty crap that he's doing and I doubt it will go any further than that, if he starts getting to the stage where he is backing you into a corner and looking for a fight it's simple you stand up straight in front of him and give him a good hard push and tell him to bring it (not a punch, that way you avoid getting into trouble), he'll be shocked to say the least and will probably back down, bullies are cowards and don't know what to do when they are stood up to.

I think the best possible advice mate is to laugh it off and just ignore everything, nothing irritates these people more then being ignored and laughed at. So the next time you hear a rumour about yourself from someone, rather than get angry about it just literally laugh in the face of the person who said it and walk away. This will destroy any sense of a rumour's credibility, trust me I've been there.

Good luck marra and like people have already said, this sort of stuff won't matter in a couple of years. In fact the same guy will probably come up to you in 5 years and apologise for being a dick in school, I've seen that happen many times.
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