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Default Re: And the bullies back...

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post

That's pretty much what i was going to say, but i didn't want to sound condescending. Obviously it's a really big problem for you right now, but to be perfectly honest that's because as a 15 year old you probably don't have much else to worry about. As you get older, you'll long for the days when the worst problem you had was some annoying kid getting on your nerves. I know it sounds REALLY condescending but honestly i wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
Yeah.. I don't know how to articulate that any more kindly. I guess it's self-resentment for the amount of time I spent ticked off about the same things at that age. OP, please don't take that like I was talking down at you; it's just matter of fact.
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