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Default Re: And the bullies back...

Originally Posted by Metronome View Post
Dude, I don't know how old you are, but I'm guessing early teens. What I wish I could have understood at your age:

None of the shit that happens in junior high/high school, from a social perspective, will ever matter in the slightest sense of a squirt of pigeon shit. Nope, when this will matter is when you're in your 20's 30's and 40's looking to build your network of friends through business, and by then, the guys trying to bone your girl, or trying to wreck shit for you will be so easily identifiable that you'll see them coming a mile away. If not, you'll know how to prioritize things in your life so that the effects of their behavior will be minimal.

Watch how many of the people in that group you speak of never end up getting away from chronic alcoholism or marijuana usage. Watch how many of them have children when they're 17/18. It matters now, sure, but it won't next year or in 5 years. I would pay the whole situation ZERO mind, and play your drums instead.
That's pretty much what i was going to say, but i didn't want to sound condescending. Obviously it's a really big problem for you right now, but to be perfectly honest that's because as a 15 year old you probably don't have much else to worry about. As you get older, you'll long for the days when the worst problem you had was some annoying kid getting on your nerves. I know it sounds REALLY condescending but honestly i wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
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