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Default Re: And the bullies back...

Originally Posted by Stalwart_Pandora-Chris View Post
He's pushing us all to a limit where we all want to hurt him.
He disappeared once for 4 months. BEST 4 MONTHS OF MY LIFE to be honest, comes back and steals all my friends.
ok i've just got to ask, if your friends really hate this guy so much then how come they've come back to like this person again? To be honest, I think you should stop thinking about your friends as being some sort of posession that can be nicked by someone you don't like. If your friends would rather associate themselves with this person than you, then they're obviously not your friends. But have you tried just living and let live? Maybe they want to be friends with both you and him as well?

To be perfectly honest, it's really not worth worrying about. If you don't like him then just ignore him, and tell your friends about that as well. Seriously, life really is far too short to get worked up about idiots like that.
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