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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

Real Name: Matheus
Age: 16
How long been playing: 1 year
Origin of username: My friends call me "Math", that comes from Matheus, then I just added ik to the end lol :P
Top Drummers/Influences: Chad Smith, The Reverend, Nicko Mcbrain, and many more!
Drumset: Mapex Orion Maple, Orion Solo Pro Cymbals
Where do you practice? Custom made music room in my house.
Are you in a band/s? No. But I'm planning to found one in Avenged Sevenfold style, and to found one progressive rock/jazz band with my drum teacher (he plays bass too)
What style of music? Some kinds of metal, all kinds of rock, hardcore, punk, jazz.. Well.. alot!
Country: Brazil
How did you start drumming? Well.. I always used to like hitting the walls and everything when I was 6, then my dad bought me a kid's drum set, but it was stolen some weeks after.. Then I tryed to start learning guitars, but didn't like it. Years have passed away and just when I became 15 I asked my dad for a real drum kit.. I always liked drumming and everything, and now I'm one haha :DD