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Default And the bullies back...

Some of you may remember a thread I started a while ago about a kids brother who was threatening me.

Yeah, well now the kid has took it a limit where he's hurt my friends feelings and pushing him to an extent of aggression. And my friends pretty calm usually.

So my friend kinda turned against me til I told him the truth, when I told him the truth. He's seen different of him since. So what the kid did was he knew my friend was crazy over a girl so he went and asked her out for himself (the kid for himself. And he knew my friend loves her) and she rejected him. He texted me to say that he's getting pushed to a limit. Not only that, some other friends have been saying the kids been talking about me and spreading rumours about me. So some got shared... Saying I was bullying him, I ruined his life, I think I'm the best person on the planet etc. etc. when in reality it's the other way around.
Not only that, ALL of my friends have had it with him and since I found out all the stuff he was saying about me and especially since a girl lied saying she was going out with me because she was scared (which I do not care about. I like to defend my friends) he's been threatening her and saying he'd have a word with me next time he see's me. But at the moment, I think it's time I had a word with him. He's actually putting my blood to a boil and I am a calm person too (as are all of my friends).

He's told a few that he can see them and just stood staring at them and they were getting creeped out. Either he's trying to ruin MY life. Or my friendship with other people.
The thing that annoys me the most is the part of him asking the girl my friend likes out now she said "I can't go out with you incase he tries to kill you or me." Because the kid is pyscho.

He's pushing us all to a limit where we all want to hurt him.
He disappeared once for 4 months. BEST 4 MONTHS OF MY LIFE to be honest, comes back and steals all my friends.

Should I leave him be unless he tries "to have a word with me"?
I'm not going to hurt him unless he hurts me or my friends. And I'm not a violent person so the ratio of that is 2:5.
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