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I went to sweden once when i was 13. It is an extremely beautiful place. Stockhölm is absolutely nothing like people imagine it to be; it's got a lot of 18th and 19th century archetecture but it's certainly not stuck in the past, it is infact a very modern up to date European city. Also we went in may and there was NO SNOW. In fact i think the temperature must have been at least about 10 - 15°C the whole time we were there.
The point is that the whole of scandinavia unlike popular opinion is certainly not some backwards place that's perpetually covered in at least a metre of snow north to south. I've not been to Finland before but i'd really like to. What's really drawn me to it is the popularity of rally driving up there, as well as the vast array of metal bands.

I really love scandinavia. We've been to denmark a couple of times as well. I think it's really great the fact that in the UK we've got mainland europe practically at our doorstep. You really should come and visit more places in europe :) every country is different.

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I really miss is the great voice of Tarja Turunen...when she was touring here in Venezuela!
what i quite lol at is that by all accounts she didn't even like metal music which is why she ended up quitting Nightwish... cow.
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