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converted a 16x14 rack tom into a kick... if you look at it, you'd probably wonder why since the parts i put into the drum are probably worth more than the drum itself. but, i wanted to do it so i did. that's the best reason you'll get out of me. :)

I can go into detail about the whole process if anyone's interested. I even raised the lugs a bit so they'd fit better with the bass drum spurs. Granted, it's not 100% finished. I'm going to probably replace all the spurs with some small die-cast ones (already have two and they fit great), and I haven't finished the BD hoops. Not sure what I want to do yet... kinda depends on what I do with the rest of my Rockstar drums. I'd like to sell them, but maybe I'll keep some to have a small matching kit--12tt, 14ft, and 16bd would be cool.

I really regret porting it though... hate to buy new heads already, but I'm really considering it.
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