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Default Re: end of the world tonight at 6pm

Which time zone!?!?!

Will the rapture be making its way around the globe 1 time zone at a time taking exactly an hour, then moving on to the next one? Or is it set to an American timezone? If its set to an american time zone, does that mean that the rapture actually will take place on the 22nd for our Australian friends?

Or has it already began down there?

This entire thing is just plain ole stupid to me. Bah.

Things are okay in Australia now at 9:24 pm May 22nd.

...each year of this millenia has seen financial disasters, natural disasters, political upheavals, and widespread poverty across the third world...not much special about 2011...

...and Pollyanna, dare I say that perhaps heaven (and hell) is a place on earth.

...okay, let's do a major subject change and exchange some laughs and thoughts:

...a choice between fear and love...a simple choice.
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