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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

Real name? Scott

Age? 15

How long been playing? About 3 years now.

Origin of user name? Yogi's a pretty funny guy, haha.

Top 5 drummers? Keith Moon, Cozy Powell, Dave Weckl, Eric Carr, and Ringo Starr.

Make of drumkit? Ludwig Accent

Make of cymbal? Paiste

Where do you practice? At home... thankfully my parents and neighbours don't really seem to mind the noise.

Are you in a band/s? Nope, though I wish I was - only bands around where I live want to play stuff like death metal... that's not really my kind of music. :\

Covers or originals? Would probably do covers.

What style of music? Rock (Classic, Prog.), Jazz, and Funk.

Favourite take out food? Chinese

Country? USA

One really odd fact about yourself? I love collecting swords. Favourite sword I have right now is a Hanwei Solingen Rapier.

How did you start drumming? I saw Ringo Starr and his band play at a local casino, which inspired me to pick up the drum sticks. Drumming is now pretty much my favourite hobby.