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Default Re: Incredibly perfect, beautiful song moments

Ooohhh man I have tons of these :D

Let's start with Opeth:

The Moor - The whole first couple minutes, and the very end.

Deliverance - The outro

The Funeral Portrait - the first grunt with the second main riff, about 1:16

Ghost Of Perdition - 9:37 to the end

Burden - The keyboard solo is just perfect.

Dimmu Borgir:

Born Treacherous - 0:19

The Sacrilegious Scorn - 2:42 just really epic

Eradication Instincts Defined - 5:04 - 6:00

The Demiurge Molecule - 3:18

Dream Theatre:

A Nightmare To Remember - 5:39 - 6:21 is one of the most beautiful part osfa song I have ever heard.

I have a ton more but I think thats enough for now lol
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