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Default Re: end of the world tonight at 6pm

Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
Which time zone!?!?!

Will the rapture be making its way around the globe 1 time zone at a time taking exactly an hour, then moving on to the next one? Or is it set to an American timezone? If its set to an american time zone, does that mean that the rapture actually will take place on the 22nd for our Australian friends?

Or has it already began down there?

This entire thing is just plain ole stupid to me. Bah.

you've beat me to it. It's nearly 17:00 here in the UK, it's well into sunday in places like the far east. This is where the bible is starting to show it's age in my opinion; i doubt they had very much knowlege of things like time zones, after all very few people travelled around very far and if they did then it would take them such a long time that they probably wouldn't notice any difference in time, and of course portable clockwork timepieces didn't exist back then so it's not as if you would have noticed a difference in local time. What exact time zone is "god" supposed to have selected for this so-called end of the world? My guess is that it's going to be eastern seaboard time, since that just so happens to be where this "theory" started...
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