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Default Incredibly perfect, beautiful song moments

I was listening to some music last night, and I noticed that some songs just have these incredibly sensitive, beautiful moments, whether it's a drum fill, a vocal note, or a piano intro, you name it.
These are not ordinary great sounding musical moments. This is when everything falls into place so perfectly and beautifully.
4 came to mind for me.

Rise Against - Roadside - 2:36-2:50
It's just so amazing when those violins hit in. Incredible musical moment. I'd pay for this song ten times just for those 14 seconds.

Avenged Sevenfold - Gunslinger - 3:20-3:37
Beautiful chorus and vocals. And the drum buildup fits perfectly.

Dream Theater - One Last Time - 1:05-1:15
Not to mention the amazing piano intro, Portnoy's extremely well executed drum fill fades into the incredible chorus and vocals. Just a perfect combination from all the instruments.

Sum 41 - Pieces - 0:00-0:55
Pretty much the entire intro. The guitar and organ are beautiful together, and if you have a good ear you can catch the soft bass drum in the backround. Then when he hits that last note and goes into the verse it just brings everything together.

Highly recommend you listen to these, especially the 1st and 4th.

Feel free to share more! I love these types of moments, and It's be cool to see what you guys pick.
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