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Default Re: For the motorcyclists among us...

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Unfortunately a 16 year old kid can go get his licence and drive away on a GSXR 1000. That is crazy. This is why the rates are so high. They are the ones that go out and cost the insurance companies all the money, then the rest of us have to pay. If they had the horsepower system like you guys have, then it might be a little more safe.
That's crazy. I'm guessing the canadian government thought that the insurance companies would regulate the usage of powerful bikes by young people by pricing them off bigger bikes, but as far as i'm concerned that's a false economy because all you're doing is making it so that extremely rich kids can still get their hands on fast bikes and still have accidents which push the cost of insurance up for everyone.

I have been riding for 31 years. I pay 900 dollars for fairly basic coverage, with 1000 deductibles. I called for my son who just got his licence, to have him insured on my wife's Suzuki Intruder 800 and they wanted 6000 dollars if he was the primary driver. What! Talk about crazy. That is a pretty tame bike. We put him on as an occasional driver and it was free. Big difference I would say. I can't imagine what a GSXR would of been for him to insure on his own.
The insurance company probably sees the number 800 and thinks right that kid is not getting that bike insured for himself. As for the occasional driver thing, it's pretty mad. I can get temporary insurance for a month for like 30 for my mum's car which works at like 400 a year but if i tried to get insured for it for a year it would be like an extra 1000 or something ridiculous. It's all about the no-claims. They want you to spend extra, so you can save money in the future!

My dad has had his licence for over 30 years and i think he got a quote for his insurance on a BMW 650 that was like 70 or something.

It is really a shame. When I turned 16 the first thing I did was get my bike licence, and bought a used Suzuki TS185. If was cheap to insure. Now the kids get killed for insurance.
yeah if everyone started on cute little bikes like that then it would probably work out a lot cheaper, it certainly seems that way for insurance on bikes in this country.
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