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Default Re: THC's Mapex Meridians

Originally Posted by Bram View Post
Nice kit!
What is that drum thing above your ride in the 5th pic??
This one?

If you're refering to the things on the table, nothing fancy. Those are heads and hoops for another snare drum. You can see the empty snare stand in some other pics.

I have a ddrum 13x7 snare that used to look like this

I like the sound, but not crazy about the finish.

Since I've never done it before, I was playing around with a new look on it, and at the moment it looks like this.

This is just a vinyl wrap that's not actually attached the the drum. The hardware is holding it on.
I don't think I like this look either, and will probably change it up again at some point.

Yes, I'm a pic whore. Here's a few more.

Mapex Meridian
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