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Default Re: For the motorcyclists among us...

Unfortunately a 16 year old kid can go get his licence and drive away on a GSXR 1000. That is crazy. This is why the rates are so high. They are the ones that go out and cost the insurance companies all the money, then the rest of us have to pay. If they had the horsepower system like you guys have, then it might be a little more safe.

I have been riding for 31 years. I pay 900 dollars for fairly basic coverage, with 1000 deductibles. I called for my son who just got his licence, to have him insured on my wife's Suzuki Intruder 800 and they wanted 6000 dollars if he was the primary driver. What! Talk about crazy. That is a pretty tame bike. We put him on as an occasional driver and it was free. Big difference I would say. I can't imagine what a GSXR would of been for him to insure on his own.

It is really a shame. When I turned 16 the first thing I did was get my bike licence, and bought a used Suzuki TS185. If was cheap to insure. Now the kids get killed for insurance.
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