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Default Re: For the motorcyclists among us...

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Nice looking bike. I wish North America would have a graduated hp restriction on newbies. Maybe then insurance would not be so high.
It's 11 kW (14.6 hp) for learners and 25 kW (33 hp) for 2 years for newly qualified under 21s. Or once 21 you can elect to take a test on a motorbike with over 35 kW (47 hp) which will then allow you to ride any power bike thereafter. That can be done with or without having taken the restricted category test first. As i said before, i think it's probably better that under 21s are made to ride low powered bikes first. I just think they're extremely easy to ride if you're a beginner. I think this one is a bit heavier than the one i use on lessons though. And considerably louder. I pretty much need earplugs to ride this one.

The insurance (3pft) was 370 including legal protection bearing in mind i'm 19 with 0 ncd. Don't know how that stacks up with a typical north american quote? Is there any kind of engine size restriction for learners or anything?
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