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Default Re: For the motorcyclists among us...

I said i was getting a 125, and i wasn't lying, was i? Here it is, a 2006 honda CBR125R. Not exactly the fastest thing in the world (only 10 kW/ 10.6 Nm), but it's got good brakes and handles well.

Just passed the first, off road section of the motorbike test. Got 2 minors because i wasn't going fast enough! When i say not fast enough, i mean 49 km/h when the minimum speed was 50. What i think is stupid is the fact that all the regs are in km/h when it says:

The motorcycle you use for your test must be:
  • 75 cc or more
  • fitted with a speedometer that measures speed in mph
  • display L-plates ('L' or 'D' plates in Wales) on the front and rear
  • be legal and roadworthy and have no engine warning lights showing"
you've got to love the UK government and the driving standards agency and everything. Beurocracy at it's best.
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