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Default Re: I need a Summer job...

lol Ian, love the bouncers in front of a church.

I've worked since I was 15, took a couple months off in my freshman year of college, drove me nuts, since then never more than a week and a half off. I've had up to 4 jobs at once, but for the last 5 years am working a straight 9-5. I think work is really important and I've had a couple of "temp" jobs but never approached it like an end date was in mind. If you're only thinking about getting a job for a cymbal or two and then quitting, it's probably not worth your time, just mow lawns or have/fake a birthday. To me a job is much more than a means to expand a drum set, though that's definitely a plus. Just cautioning that you can't show up to work with the idea you got somewhere better to be, jobs are commitments and you work for them as much as they work for you.
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