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Default Re: I need a Summer job...

Originally Posted by ?uesto View Post
Yeah, don't get your hopes up for that job at the drum shop. There's no waiting list where I work, but people are coming in all the time asking if we're hiring. It's almost on a daily basis. I happened to have had the right skills and knowledge at the exact right time for the owner of the shop to offer me a job, but this was also after taking lessons there for a very long time. I was actually hired with the least amount of experience compared to the rest of the employees. I can't imagine it's any better anywhere else. The best places to work are family owned joints though. Try to avoid applying at publicly owned stores, corporations, or other big companies. It's easier to build a relationship at a local place, of any type, and get a short job from there.
I guess, it's just there's not really alot of places to work where I live apart from barbers and corner stores. And most are big companies like Morissons, ASDA etc. etc. so it's pretty hard.
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