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Default Re: Played with a Throne Butt Kicker for the First Time

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
That photo illustrates an alternate method for mounting the unit, but certainly not preferred. I can understand that judging the ButtKicker by that mounting suggests that the kick won't be very strong, and it's not. It's still really nice, but for the best result (and where possible,) the unit needs to be mounted directly to the seat.
have to disagree on this one.

Chris had it mounted like this (as you can see on the pic) And it worked perfect and was very strong also because its mounted to the bottom of the seat itself (but without drilling extra holes in the top)

It doesn't work fine when mounted to the post of the chair so ive noticed with the Fischer Amp (witch is mounted to the post)

Stil thinking of getting a buttkicker set (with the buttkicker amp)

Now I recall... Chris had it connected directly to his powered mackie mixer. So that is an option I guess?

Did anybody tested the Mini Concert btw?
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