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Default Re: Things to know before learning the guitar?

Originally Posted by dwdrummerky View Post
-Buy a guitar that is versatile and comfortable in your hands. For me its an American Standard Fender Stratocaster.
Get yourself a MIM (made in Mexico) strat and have a professional put new pickups in it, it'll sound just as fine as an American strat and a helluva lot cheaper.

Yay for lessons. I played guitar for eight years before I switched to drums, I think I like drumming better but I still love guitars. I hear a good bit of talk of drummers complaining about guitar players, as a drummer you'll already have a good understanding of rhythm and keeping your volume in check. Just like with drums lessons are going to help you progress much faster that by trying to learn this stuff yourself.

What I do love about guitar playing is how easy it is to customize your instrument. I'm a bit of a gear nut and really took that idea of personalizing equipment to my drumming.
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