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Default Re: *Good* YouTube comments

Good one, Luke. I was sick and missed practice this week so the band used the keyboard's drum machine. Our bassist emailed me afterwards to say: "amazing -- just like the real thing! dial up any beat, punch in the tempo and off it goes like a metronome! unfortunately it had no sense of humour, so your job is safe . . . for now :>)"

Definitely a warm fuzzy feeling to be likened to a metronome haha

Unlike you (YouTube star that you are) hardly anyone comments on my vids. My fave was this one by jer (been a long time since he posted here BTW):

"Tubbs is getting frustrated with Crocket, who is talking up some hottie in a swank night club when really they should be shaking down the clubs owner for importing illegal weapons".

I still don't know what it means, but I liked it :)
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