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Default Re: The Rolling Stone. Franchise or 'True music magazine'?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
RollingStone Magazine = waste of paper and ink.

I don't think the music writers there would know good music if it bit them on their rear ends.
It's ideology. They believe that rock should stay true to its roots and remain simple and they have a special dislike of prog.

So a gumbo with a guitar and relevant / hip lyrics will get five stars while a virtuoso band with dumb lyrics will score poorly. Needless to say, RS's opinions don't line up with those of most musos. That always annoyed me because, to me, music is more about the actual music than words.

Still, these people are journalists so they naturally put the greatest weight on words - there's an inherent artistic conflict of interest straight away.

So I can't use RS recommendations because half the time I don't know what the words are anyway. Clear diction is a rarity in rock (especially in Americanese) and I usually don't think fast enough to put it together AND get into the actual music.

If I can't make out the words then the music needs to be more interesting than standard background wallpaper behind the "genius" singer/songwriter.
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