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Default Re: The Rolling Stone. Franchise or 'True music magazine'?

Rolling Stone was one of the first rock rags (late 60īs). therefore it is the standard by which all others are judged. even in the 70īs there were grumblings that it was an establishment paper and not really reflective of what was really going on in the streets.

as a teen in the 70īs i felt Rolling Stone was more for adults. as i became an adult in the 80īs, it became my Go-To magazine, because my magazines Circus and Hit Parader became metal mags and my personal favorite Creem lost itīs way. plus iīll never forgive Rick Johnson for killing any momentum the Runaways were gathering with his review of their second album. but i digress.

in 2011 there are a million rock rags that are sure to be more cutting edge than RS.
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