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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Originally Posted by Fishbones View Post
Eh... How do you like 'em?
Funny, was wondering how long it would take for that one! lol
I bought the full set(7 cymbals) from a guy on C's.L.literally untouched-I mean not a single stick mark or finger print anywhere and sales stickers still attached underneath!

Seems as though he read the infamous bashing before trying them out,and put them up for next to nothing- hoping an unknowing sucker like me (who knew nothing about them)would come along.

So,I get home and throw these supposed sonic version of an AMC Pacer on this set, fully expecting them to sound like the garbage can lids,from Stomp! and summoned up Led Zep 1

After playing through "Communication Breakdown" and "Good Times Bad Times"
I paused,thought for a moment,smiled and said F-yeah! these sound like cymbals! totally appropriate for Zeppelin and the like

That being said, when the paint starts to wear (as I'm sure it will eventually) I'll remove the black.and get what will be the Zildjian sound I know is underneath.

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