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Originally Posted by TravisFans View Post
Oh well, i'm really sorry. But the thing is that the people on this forum have seen enough my Vaudou kit ( i can see the sarcasm in all the reply ). I don't know if i'm right or not but there's like 90% of people here that dosen't like custom kit, they live only for DW, Gretsch, Tama, Pearl, Mapex.. etc. I know i can't express myself with the right words because of my bad english, but i understand very well, and many people here are not very happy for me about my new purchase. If i has buy a beautiful vintage blue sparkle gretsch kit, a lot of people on this forum will reply and say to me that my kit is just amazing and probably tell to me that i did a really great buying.

Like every Custom drum brand, i just wanted to show my Vaudou drum to more and more people here. But now i know that is a waste of time, and there a really minor percentage of people who enjoy the fact that Vaudou Drum is a good drum company.

I'm a good guy in life, i don't like to piss off people but it seems like few people here just dosen't like people from Canada maybe, or Canadian Drum Brand. And this is really sad.

Like the people here like to say '' Just my 2 cent "

I love your kit. I love custom kits. It really doesn't bother me where the kit is made.

I don't think I've heard someone insult you or your kit on this thread. Maybe you had that impression because we are saying it should not be on this thread because it's a stained kit.

Not to say the drum kit isn't gorgeous! I think it's a great design and look. But this thread is for natural wood with no stain.

I hope this clears something up :)
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