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Default Re: How do I know if I've been quoted??

Originally Posted by Boom Boom Dah View Post
Sounds like progress matey!

Plus your brother sounds like a dude!

Tommy Lee is better than Nikki though. It's a matter of science,

Drummer=massive...sticks and gets Baywatch girls

Bass Player=Still where's eyeliner and got Prince's Leftovers.

I am only messing around to be fair Nikki was with Kat Von D. Which is you know...fair play.
Yeah it's better than nothing haha
Yeah he's a bit of a dude, I'll have to PM you a picture of him so you can see his hellish hair! :D
Well yeah I gravitate toward Tommy more because he's the drummer! But yeah as you say fair play to Nikki for getting her!! I would hahaha! ;-)
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