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Default Re: How do I know if I've been quoted??

Originally Posted by Drummer Sarah View Post
Rent and bills are at the bottom for my priorities haha I hate bills!!! It's like they are forcing me to be an adult damn it :D

Boy, girl whatever. You should see my brother....his idol is Nikki Sixx. I probably don't have to say anymore except this - he can apply eye liner flawlessly. I however, seem to get it all over my face. :D

A random dude spoke to me in the shop last night, he mentioned my Aerosmith t shirt and we got talking about music and in the back of my mind I thought he might be a guitarist or something so I threw it out there that I'm a drummer....and so is he. Flipping heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Thought there might be a potential band here. Back to the drawing board :D
Sounds like progress matey!

Plus your brother sounds like a dude!

Tommy Lee is better than Nikki though. It's a matter of science,

Drummer=massive...sticks and gets Baywatch girls

Bass Player=Still where's eyeliner and got Prince's Leftovers.

I am only messing around to be fair Nikki was with Kat Von D. Which is you know...fair play.
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