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Originally Posted by Freddie Freeloader View Post
did any of you check those bonham drum outtakes.... a friend of mine sent me a link that had like 20 bonham drum outtakes!! haha.... i downloaded all of 'em... the link isn't active any more, but its just bonham and his massive drum sound! frikkin awesome! and my buddy who sent me the link, he's an ace guitar player...... he took one of the tracks, cut it up, and then made an entire tune out of it!
check it out... its the first track there, its called 'evil'..... its instrumental, and has a friend of his making noises in the background, but its awesome. that's BONHAM playing drums. you'll know the instant you play the track.
Okay this messege is from 2005 but I have to say...I cannot stop listening to that song!! It rocks so freaking much! :D

John Bonham is what started all this off for my. Before he came along I never thought of drummers at all. Riffled through my Dads collection after getting sick of the Top 40 charts and found Led Zeppelin (I liked the name). It was the Physical Grafitti album :D I was loving the whole album but when it got to Sick Again I was thinking who the hell is this drummer? Got the Led Zep dvd on my birthday and was blown away. When it got to the drum solo...lets just say I probably looking like a mouth gaped mentalist. Possibly drooling? Also probably talking in tongues trying to make my mum understand that this was THE greatest drummer ever! At that point I didn't know he was the greatest. I didn't know he was always put in the top spot of drum polls and stuff. If someone with no drumming knowledge or experience can say that then he must be :D
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