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Default Re: How do I know if I've been quoted??

Originally Posted by Boom Boom Dah View Post
Thanks! I just added a 21" Sabian Medium Ride, to my set-up. Yeah I had my hair cut recently thank god, was not working anymore the long hair. Plus it was just after xmas and still had holiday weight. Again glad I got rid of that too haha.

There are always bands looking for a girl drummer! I should think your 18+ yes? Go to gigs strike up conversations with other musicians and take it from there! Yeah man, come check us out! Our gigs are on facebook. But I'll let you know if we have any.
Arghh I'd be buying something new for an acoustic kit every month! :D That was long hair in those pics?? haha You should see my monstrosity of hair! Half way down my back and could, potentially get stuck in a drum lug :-( Haha holiday weight. I think I still have some of that kicking about!!

Yeah I'm 24 (that why I am now desperate to get in a band before it's too late!). About talking to musicians. I always aim to do that but I seem to gravitate towards the drummers when I should be talking to guitarists or whatever instead haha! Obviously drummers don't need another drummer sitting next to them :D Be good to see you guys play :-)
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