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Originally Posted by JMalriat View Post
I guess I should re-word that. No style of music is "better" than any other style. Jazz is more geared towards musicians, and rock more towards listeners in most cases. There are absolutely exceptions, I've listened to plenty of rock music I appreciated as a musician (Flood by Snarky Puppy is a perfect example, if you would consider it rock (it sounds like a weird name, but give a listen, they're all extremely talented)) and there is a lot of jazz I can only listen to as "background music". You're right, rock can be technically challenging, but not what Ringo played. I agree that Ringo and the Beatles were all very creative, especially on the lesser known tracks (like any other band/artist I guess). But all the jazz guys did the same thing. They were just as creative, but with a lot more technical skill. I just used jazz as an example because I'm more familiar with it than funk/fusion, latin, etc.
Take a listen to "She Said She Said" on the Rubber soul album. Even "I Feel Fine" is pretty technically challenging.
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