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Default Re: My Dirty Little Collection..

Well here it is for you Latz

I took apart a Mapex Saturn snare I've got in a box and used the hardware.

I had some problems, namely the shell itself was thiker one end than the other (badly lathed) but it was so miniscule that you couldn't tell by feel or by eye until I went to put the lugs on, I ended up (because the washers on the Saturn lug screws are fixed in) banging the screws on a vice to bend the washers into a curve instead of flat and this allowed me to connect lug to screw.

When I drilled the four vent holes, the drill bit (and only one I had) was blunt and wouldn't cut so well, add to that the fact I didn't drill a big enough pilot hole either and voila, wonky vent holes.

Thus the snare has been christened "Ol' Wonky"

Learnt a lot of lessons and will carry on but I'm no pro custom drum builder by any means, so they shouldn't feel theatened lol

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