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Default Re: Warner Music Purchased by Billionaire, is EMI next?

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I always forget about Universal!
Investors make stupid decisions all the time. You just have to look at the Glazer Brothers and what they've managed to do at Manchester United. Saddling an otherwise profitable club with a huge fan base into a club with half a billion Pounds of debt that can't make money even when they top the English Premier League.
Hah , MFB we have more in common than you think ! We're stuck with the Glazers on our side of the pond. Now that the Tampa Bay Bucs have been loosing fan base , the Glazers this pass season resorted to black outs of the games , boy did that backfire......

Could never understand their decision to buy your soccer team ( well yeah I can , its about money) , they have a hard enough time running a NFL football team. They had no business buying a soccer team.
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